Trading the most amazing Tennis match ever!

Betfair tennis trading Tennis is know for it’s wild variability. The scoring system lends itself to remarkable comebacks and seemingly dominant players snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. How does this translate into a profitable strategy for a Tennis trader? I’ve always wondered who invented the scoring system fand it’s rather really bizarre oddities….

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Tennis Trading Strategies: Trading Wimbledon

The height of the British summer means the height of the tennis season, at least from the UK public’s perspective Of course, this means it’s Wimbledon! It’s the time of year that everybody, loves to talk about tennis markets and we love to trade sports markets when everybody is talking about them. It means opinions…

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Best Betfair trading software for Tennis trading

Bet Angel is the best Betfair trading software for Tennis trading. That is because it’s packed full of features that are a must-have for any trader, whether you are an established or aspiring Betfair trader. Put yourself on centre court with the best features available, whether you are trading Wimbledon 2019 or any other tournament….

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Gamesmanship in Tennis

It was interesting to see the outrage over Cillic’s very slow service during the Wimbledon semi-finals.



I’ve mentioned on the blog several times that elements of gamesmanship are prevalent in Tennis. They are all designed to throw the person on the other side of the net off balance and out of the zone.

You see medical timeouts, comfort breaks, disputes, rain breaks when there are just a few drops. There is no better way to put your opponent …

British Grand Prix

After a really  successful week, I’m ducking out of trading seriously today to watch some sport and do a few other things. I can’t rule out doing something at some point, the temptation can be great, but I’ll endeavour not to do much. I may trade the Euro 2016 final pre-off.

British Grand Prix stats

The British GP is curious in that, for a non-street circuit, the average outcome is quite variable from Grid to Finish. It’s the least certain race

The thin line between individual skill in Tennis

If you have been active on Wimbledon these past two weeks you would have seen some great matches. But you should have also seen something else, maybe without realising it.

Often you see an outsider really battle away at a heavy odds on favourite, maybe even winning the first set, but despite this, their odds don’t seem to come in that much. Why is that?

What’s the point?

The first thing to note is there are a lot of points …

Can you predict 1.01 defeats in Tennis?

Surface problems aside, the main news from Wimbledon so far was the shock’ defeat of Novak Djokovic.

Of course things are very easy in hindsight. But that said, short priced players are easily opposed when trading, more on that in a second . The thing that is surprising in these cases is to see somebody who traded near 1.01 before the off losing. That’s rare, but certainly not impossible.

1.01 Losers in Tennis

I shuffled through one of my database of matches and found 442 matches …