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Welcome to Winter

First the good news, we are only eight weeks from Cheltenham!


I’ve always held the opinion that the start of the year is badly timed. The new year is seen as a time for optimism and for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the new year is plonked right in the middle of winter.

If you are trying to trade sports, especially Horse Racing, that’s probably not the best time to start, or is, depending on your outlook. Let’s look at …

Australian Open 2018

This week sees the first major sporting event of 2018 and the opening grand slam of the tennis calendar as the Australian Open gets underway.

Live scores at the Aussie Open

Some of you may remember, that last year for the first time Betfair where unable to provide the live scores via their API (which is where Bet Angel gets them from). Unfortunately, Betfair has confirmed they will not be providing them again this year. I’m not sure of the …

Five top new years trading resolutions

Some of these may surprise you, others not so much. But if you want to get off on the right foot here are my suggestions for you.

(1) Exercise

Even if you just go for a walk, start each day with some exercise. There is a proven link between exercise, wellbeing and brain function. It should be the first thing you do ahead of anything else, each day. Make the time to do it, there should be no excuses.

(2) …