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Top five Betfair Tennis Trading Tips

Betfair Tennis trading markets Tennis matches are one of the most popular betfair trading markets around. Unlike when you are trading horse racing, most of the money on Tennis markets are matched in-play and thanks to the unsual scoring system you see on Tennis, you get a LOT of price movement. This makes Tennis perfect…

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Best Betfair trading software for Tennis trading

Bet Angel is the best Betfair trading software for Tennis trading. That is because it’s packed full of features that are a must-have for any trader, whether you are an established or aspiring Betfair trader. Put yourself on centre court with the best features available, whether you are trading Wimbledon 2019 or any other tournament….

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Psychology in sport – Tennis

I started writing a broad piece on Psychology but it got too big, so I’ve broken off chunks and will list them on the blog for your interest.

Psychology everywhere

Psychology isn’t something that is limited to the minds of traders, it’s out there on the sports field and in the associated markets as well. I’ve observed all sorts of strange biases that just don’t have any place in a rational world, but feature heavily and persistently in the markets …

What are the best Tennis markets to trade?

There is no such thing as a perfect trade or one that is completely riskless. So the next best thing is to find the best place to be in a market adn when.

Volatility in Tennis

When you are looking to trade Tennis you are effectively selling volatility. Markets are generally priced efficiently before the start of a match, but trading is all about exploiting how a player goes from that point to closing out a match. That progression can …

Trading Tennis at the Australian Open

January is when the Tennis season starts up again and it’s a good the year is a great time to get some Tennis trading experience under your belt. With weaker markets elsewhere, the Australian Open is a great time to get going on Tennis.

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The thin line between individual skill in Tennis

If you have been active on Wimbledon these past two weeks you would have seen some great matches. But you should have also seen something else, maybe without realising it.

Often you see an outsider really battle away at a heavy odds on favourite, maybe even winning the first set, but despite this, their odds don’t seem to come in that much. Why is that?

What’s the point?

The first thing to note is there are a lot of points …

Making mincemeat of Strawberries and cream

I’m pleased to see the 2nd round has just finished, on the first Saturday! So there is lot of Tennis to cram in on the 2nd week, starting today!

How I learnt to trade Tennis

When I first started to trade Tennis, I needed a few things to be in place. One of those was an understanding of how odds move in match. If I knew that, I could pitch my opening and closing trades just where I wanted. I could also