Luck and Skill in sport

Sport is generally about two different players or team competing with each other. It’s unlikely they will be equally matched in every respect, though not impossible. But typically a differential exists between the two. However, luck can be a key component in a sport as well.

Luck in football

The number of goals in football is low, an average of 2.60 goals a game. Watch this video to learn more about that.Over the course

Over the course of a …

New training course – Learn to trade on Betfair


If you are looking at learning to trade, here is a way to get a really good start onto the first step of the trading ladder.

If you are coming from a gambling background, from matched betting or you are just intrigued by trading on sports. We can give you improved confidence in your initial trading journey by teaching you how to trade on Betfair. We’ve created a course that will do that perfectly for you.

You will get the software, …

What’s working in Euro 2016

As we move into the knockout stage, let’s review what’s happened in the Euro’s so far from a market perspective.


The first thing to note is that the volumes are down a fair bit from Euro 2012 on Betfair. In 2012 in the group stages the lowest turnover match was £7.7m before the off and £17.8m at the end of the match. This year it was a paltry £1.6m and £3.3m, slightly lower than in 2012! I think it’s best …