Semi-Automated Scalping with Servants

For users of Bet Angel trading software there is a unique tool at your disposal called Servants and Since their introduction a few years ago they have become a large part of my daily manual trading and during the Cheltenham festival that won’t be any different. Servants give the manual trader the speed and power…

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Betfair Scalping explained – with Full tutorial

Scalping is a simple to understand Betfair trading strategy but it’s often not explained correctly. I thought it would be interesting to revisit this topic, as scalping is a trading strategy which is so popular. In this article, we will cover what you can do within larger race markets and typically what your real objective…

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Automation To Assist Your Manual Trading

Many users of Bet Angel will have full strategies or systems which they have fully automated by using a combination of the options and conditions available within Guardians Advanced Automation to trigger their bets into the market.

However, using advanced automation does not mean you must trigger bets with it every time, instead if you prefer trading manually and having full control over when you open, close and green up your positions then there’s no reason why you can still …