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Two simple Betfair trades that anybody can do on Bet Angel

When trading on Betfair on horse racing markets, Peter Webb says “profitable opportunities occur all of the time you just need to able to do something about them. You need to have the ability be able to jump in just before everybody else realises what is going on.” How pictures can help you trade more…

Being lucky…

I’m often told that I’m lucky. You are lucky that you can do this, you are lucky that you have that, it’s lucky that this happened and so on.

But the fact is, underlying all elements of luck are two important characteristics, belief and perseverance.


Some people are given a good start in life, some are not. I wasn’t given the best start in life, but certainly not the worse. I found myself as a teenager a bit lost …

Making mincemeat of Strawberries and cream

I’m pleased to see the 2nd round has just finished, on the first Saturday! So there is lot of Tennis to cram in on the 2nd week, starting today!

How I learnt to trade Tennis

When I first started to trade Tennis, I needed a few things to be in place. One of those was an understanding of how odds move in match. If I knew that, I could pitch my opening and closing trades just where I wanted. I could also