Monitor Multiple Markets with a Bet Angel Coupon

When you want or need to monitor activity in multiple markets from the same event in the same place, then your best option is to use Bet Angels Coupons. The Bet Angel Coupon Editor allows you to custom create and fully configure your own coupons, giving you full control of what information is displayed to…

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My life working as a football trading data scout

If you are Betfair trading on a football (soccer) match or regularly deploy any one of the many football trading strategies available. You will probably rely on a feed from the stadium and some statistics, you could consider this a form of technical analysis or perhaps fundamental analysis? Of course, knowing this will significantly improve…

How to Link Football Markets with Automation

Many football strategies can involve the cross-checking or the linking of one or more markets, doing this manually with Bet Angel you can of course use features like the watchlist to monitor multiple markets but what about using automation – how can you trigger bets on one market depending on what’s happening in another market?…

Predicting goals – Part one

To get some context into this post read the goal ratings thread…

When you’re looking at a football match, goals are obviously of great importance. Every strategy you deploy on a football match is reliant to some extent on whether a goal is scored or not.

Starting point

The first place to start when you trading in football is to work out if you think there will be a goal, obviously.

Low scoring rates

High quality matches between even teams,

Unbelievable Jeff – Trading comebacks in football

I think it’s safe to say we all had fun watching some of the opening premier league fixtures last weekend.

While it would be nice to think the whole season will be packed full of action of this kind, with remarkable comebacks and sterling fightbacks,  it’s unlikely.

Trading opportunities

Obviously, a notable match was the champions, Chelsea, losing at home to Burnley who struggled to muster any decent away form last year. I and a number of people picked up …

Are Arsenal getting better or worse?

Arsenal to finish fourth and win the FA Cup? Maybe not this year then, so it’s Wenger out?

Financial fair play?

I look at many different aspects of football aside from the general market pricing. Being able to read a financial report, a club’s financials can be quite useful for predicting long-term performance. Clubs that carry a lot of debt expense will see their ability to finance the purchase of new players squeezed. Clubs that are flush with finance can …