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Bet Angel Coupons – New feature

Betfair trading software has often been a bit inflexible when it comes to displaying multiple markets and relevant cross-market trading information. So some time ago we decided to completely re-code Bet Angel and create the amazing multi-market trading tool ‘Guardian’. It’s a key part of your quest for profitable trading and is pretty much an…

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My life working as a football trading data scout

If you are Betfair trading on a football (soccer) match or regularly deploy any one of the many football trading strategies available. You will probably rely on a feed from the stadium and some statistics, you could consider this a form of technical analysis or perhaps fundamental analysis? Of course, knowing this will significantly improve…

How to Link Football Markets with Automation

Many football strategies can involve the cross-checking or the linking of one or more markets, doing this manually with Bet Angel you can of course use features like the watchlist to monitor multiple markets but what about using automation – how can you trigger bets on one market depending on what’s happening in another market?…

Football trading – Lay the draw – Automatically

Overview of the Lay the draw Betfair trading strategy This trading strategy is one of the oldest sports trading strategies around and lots of Betfair football trading strategies find their origin in it or variations of it. This football trading strategy is quite simple to understand and pretty popular when trading on Betfair football markets….