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The biggest mistake when Betfair trading!

When we are talking Betfair trading, I’m predominately a pre-race horse racing trader. I can carefully manage risk, my potential liability is known and my profit doesn’t rely on what happens in the race. It is a market purely driven by opinion and that’s why I love this particular trading style, you win and lose…

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Betfair Scam That Cost a Punter £17,000!

I’ve recently been contacted by someone who had fallen victim of a scammer. Through this unfortunate turn of events, he had £17k of his unclaimed money stolen from his Betfair account. Sadly, through the years I have heard many stories of victims of fraud and this recent example of a Betfair exchange scam has prompted…

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Trading Football on Betfair – Trading under 2.5 goals

The Soccer Mystic profiling tool is a way to help identify opportunities and give you that all important edge when trading soccer matches – it’s packed with a number of features to assist you when trading any of the Match odds, Over/Under or Correct Score markets and will help you pin point what times to get into and out of positions for the most value.

If you prefer the Over/Under markets then Soccer Mystic can offer you some invaluable help, …

More Moore at Goodwood

Goodwood should have been renamed Greywood at the start of the festival, such was the miserable weather that accompanied what should have been a glorious week on the Sussex downs. But it was notable for one particular day.

The weather had a huge impact on the meeting last week and produced a below par performance from me and from the markets. I’d imagine most attendees on course last week, spent most of their time hiding from the incessant rain and …

Little and often soon adds up

This is a phrase I’ll often quote when advising people on how to trade.

The real objective when trading

It’s really nice to bang in some massive results now and again, but generally, that’s not what trading is about. Most of the time I’m in a market I’m just looking for an opportunity. Something I recognise as having a decent chance of a payoff, with as little downside as possible. Sometimes you just can’t see them and sometimes they are …

US Open Tennis

How I learnt to trade Tennis

When I first started to trade Tennis, I needed a few things to be in place. One of those was an understanding of how odds move in Tennis match.

The reasoning was that if I knew that, I could pitch my opening and closing trades roughly where I wanted, where the market would move to. I could also start searching for ‘precursors’ to that key point in the match.

Also, with so many matches

New training course – Learn to trade on Betfair


If you are looking at learning to trade, here is a way to get a really good start onto the first step of the trading ladder.

If you are coming from a gambling background, from matched betting or you are just intrigued by trading on sports. We can give you improved confidence in your initial trading journey by teaching you how to trade on Betfair. We’ve created a course that will do that perfectly for you.

You will get the software, …