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Trading the Breeders Cup & Melbourne Cup

We are now into November and that can only mean one thing. Dark evenings, wind rain, small fields and a lack of quality horse racing for Betfair trading. But, like trading itself, it really depends where you are looking for the opportunity. Opportunity aplenty If you are new to Betfair trading and not trading full…

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How to win at betting in the long run

You have probably clicked on this blog post as you are interested in how to win at betting by improving your sports betting strategy. If you want to win at gambling, then this blog will go through the only way sports traders, gamblers, punters or whatever you choose to call yourself can profit from a betting…

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New version of Bet Angel released

We are delighted to announce a new version of Bet Angel and it contains a completely new feature you have never seen before.

Free upgrade

The upgrade to the new version, version 1.49, is available for free for existing trialists and existing subscribers. You can download and update it here: –

If you haven’t used Bet Angel for some time, you may still qualify for a free trial. When you register you will be updated on your status. …

Trading Royal Ascot

And so here we are another year, another Ascot. That came around quickly didn’t it?

For me, it’s another declined invitation to attend the event. While that pains me somewhat. For the moment, I’d still rather be on this side of the desk during one of the busiest weeks of the year. You wouldn’t see a professional footballer work hard to only miss the champions league final, so missing any major meeting is not an option for me. It can

The Bet Angel trading forum & community

As regular Bet Angel forum users will be aware last month the forum was upgraded and moved to a better, faster server. The simple reason for this – to handle the increased flow of traffic which has been steadily building for some time now.


We have a simple philosophy for the forum, that has helped it grow steadily over time. It’s viewed very much as a collective effort, the sum of all participants, not just Bet Angel users, and …