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Predicting goals – Part one

To get some context into this post read the goal ratings thread…

When you’re looking at a football match, goals are obviously of great importance. Every strategy you deploy on a football match is reliant to some extent on whether a goal is scored or not.

Starting point

The first place to start when you trading in football is to work out if you think there will be a goal, obviously.

Low scoring rates

High quality matches between even teams,

Why does a strategy fail the moment you use it?

You know the feeling, you work hard to research and establish a new idea or strategy. You put it to use and it works, so you raise your stakes and booooooooom, it instantly reverses and losses you a shed load of money. It can sometimes feel like the market has got it in for you or like somebody is watching you.

You don’t deploy a strategy to lose money

When you set out to deploy a strategy you don’t expect …

Why we choke and how you can profit from it

I’ve just finished reading a very good summary of the core reasons why we choke. The article is a nice clean summary and is worth a read.

Basically it comments on how information is stored in the brain and transferred from a semi autonomous region to a more thoughtful process. The semi autonomous region falls apart when it is forced to transfer back to the other part of brain. Your brain can be in the zone, then forced out of …

A day of racing you shouldn’t miss

Tomorrow we have the finale to the flat turf season and a curtain raiser to the flat turf season. How can you have both? Let me explain.

Ascot champions day

First, we have ‘Champions day’ at Ascot and it promises to be a real feast of racing.

Champions day only came into being in 2011 so it’s relatively new in the scheme of things but it’s a weekend I wouldn’t miss for anything now. It’s the last shot at a …

How bookmakers make money

Back when, ‘I was but lad’, I stumbled into the world of bookmakers.

I arrived there via the football pools and thought I’d apply similar techniques at the bookmakers. But I soon realised there were a few problems doing this.


The first problem I had was getting the bet on, I couldn’t really bet in the size I wanted without being limited. Secondly, I could only do plain old vanilla betting. If I tried something more complex I’d often …

Who scores first?

I’m just watching the Man City vs West Ham match and West Ham have taken a ‘shock’ lead according to most sources, but how often does the away team score first?


Football is a generally low scoring contest, but not only that you can have a lot of shots and still not score. The chance of a goal from a statistical perspective is interesting because goals are ‘rare’. This lends itself to seeing away teams taking a ‘shock’ lead

Most and least volatile racecourses to trade

I did a tweet recently that stated a little trading fact, that Chelmsford City was the most volatile course. I had a fairly immediate retort, that stated it wasn’t a fact but was ‘just’ an opinion. It was actually a carefully researched fact.


I’ve collected data on volatility right from day one of my trading journey and have built up a massive database of data. One of the things I study is how volatile the market is.

I measure …

St Leger meeting

The oldest classic horse race in the world is almost upon us again and while it marks the closing of the flat turf season, tradition dictates that it also marks an upturn in financial markets if folklore is to be believed. “Sell in May and go away, don’t come back till St Leger day”

Come back on St Leger day

There is a general ‘theory’ that during the summer stocks languish and only when everybody is back to their desk

High probability Betfair trading strategies

Sounds nice doesn’t it, winning positions regularly topping up your account? Please send your $37 to…….

New strategy

With the start of the jumps season just around the corner, I’m going to be pursuing a new, automated, in-play strategy. I did all the hard work last year qualifying what I wanted to do and test the assumptions, which are often wrong. So now it’s time to put it into practice.

It will lose money and on a frequent basis and …

Little and often – On Greyhounds

Greyhounds markets are another good example of little and often. The average Greyhound race only turns over £15k or so per race so it’s really not a very liquid market and even then, the money arrives really late. but are very large amounts of greyhound races.

I recently revisited the Greyhounds markets after a seven-year absence.  If you want some background as to why have a read of this blog post: –

Going Grey

Since revisiting the markets I’ve now …