Bet Angel

Given Peter’s already remarkable record in sports markets it was no surprise that he became one of the first customers of Betfair, the world’s largest betting exchange, just a few days after they opened for business in June 2000.

His constant pursuit of highly efficient markets and his prior interest and achievements in sports markets meant it was inevitable that he should pioneer and come to shape and influence the thinking of a whole generation of users in these markets. As Betfair emerged as the global leader in what were effectively stock exchanges for sport, what became clear, was that to use these markets effectively, participants required a completely new generation of tools and skills to be successful.

Bet Angel Multi MonitorPeter was the first to really pioneer a clear path through these new markets. The knowledge and experience that Peter has acquired is encapsulated in Bet Angel.  Bet Angel users now dominate their chosen markets on the exchanges and, with clients right across the world, Bet Angel is widely-acknowledged as the platform of choice for those who actively participate in this fast growing arena.

As an author, presenter and one of the largest users of Betfair, Peter embodies the hopes and aspirations of many who seek to explore a route through these new territories.

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Peter discusses trading with Henry Kelly & Gary Wiltshire on BBC radio.

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