About Peter

The start

From an early age, Peter developed an innate interest in numbers and risk, kick-started by the simple task of filling out his father’s football pools coupon. From this innocuous start, his subsequent work as an adult in financial and sports markets has catapulted Peter into the limelight.

Sports risk markets

Peter continues to contribute significantly to his field of expertise and is now widely recognised as a leading expert and participant in his chosen field. As a result, he has appeared regularly in the media. His methodologies also draw seminar audiences and attract invitations to a range of industry events and panels.

Peter’s innovative qualities are best demonstrated by the¬†emergence of another of his businesses interests – Bet Angel. This cutting edge software has completely redefined the capabilities and performance of a whole generation traders and opened up new possibilities never witnessed before in sports markets.

It’s not only this pioneering approach that has caught people’s imagination but also Peter’s uncanny ability to predict and exploit whatever market he embraces. However, it is always characterised by a deep understanding of risk and a lifelong pursuit of its limits. His is a story of a person, who from his childhood, has sought through a very personal journey, to profitably apply a passion of numbers and statistics to real-world markets.

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